Oils, creams and sauces



Chisco Premium Pure Olive Oil is the ultimate gastronomic gem. It is the first oil obtained from the first cold pressing of the olives. It is obtained by decantation, without any filtering process. In this way, it preserves all of its unmistakeable sensual qualities of colour, taste and aroma. It has a fruity taste, a greenish colour and fresh aroma, thanks to olives picked at their optimum point of ripeness. Due to these special qualities, Chisco Premium Pure Olive Oil, once tried, is impossible to forget. It is recommended fresh both in cooking and in medicine, as its properties are beneficial for the health.

K CAL / 100 GR 897,2


Navarre asparagus are known throughout the world for their tenderness and flavour. For this reason, Chisco has decided to use this great product of our region to create a delicate luxurious cream.

Chisco cream of asparagus is made from carefully selected asparagus combined with a selection of freshly picked vegetables, which preserve all of their vitamins and flavour, as we can appreciate when we enjoy the cream.

All you have to do is heat and serve to have a luxurious dish made with all of our dedication and attention to detail, with no preservatives or additives. It can be served with croutons. Ingredients: Asparagus, onion, potato and pure olive oil.

Glass jar V - 720


"Piquillo" peppers are an almost indispensable ingredient in our cuisine. They can be found on the menus of the finest restaurants, in all the forms and recipes which their great culinary versatility permits.

In order to bring this delicacy to you with all of its qualities intact CHISCO has created this sauce. The main ingredient is "piquillo" peppers, combined with onion and garlic. All of the vitamins and flavour remain intact.

The result is a delicious sauce. "Piquillo" pepper sauce can be used as the basis for various dishes, such as, cod, pork with peppers and as an accompaniment for grilled fish and meat. Ingredients: "piquillo" peppers, onion, garlic and olive oil. Jar B - 250


Chisco has created this mushroom sauce because we have realised that the secret of an exquisite dish lies in the sauce.

This mushroom sauce is made from the authentic (Boletus Edulis) mushroom, which is characterised by its sweet taste, reminiscent of the hazelnuts picked in the Navarre area.

This exquisite sauce is perfect as an accompaniment to any kind of fish or meat or any dish to which we wish to give that sought-after touch of flavour. Ingredients: mushroom pieces and olive oil.

Jar B - 250.



Chisco has created this sauce because we have come to realise that the tomato is absolutely indispensable in our cuisine, as the basis of a great many dishes.

This sauce is made traditionally and without additives, from freshly picked tomatoes combined with a series of fresh vegetables, "piquillo" peppers, garlic and onion picked in the Navarre area and chilli.

This exquisite sauce is perfect as an accompaniment for any kind of fish or meat or any kind of pasta dish to which you wish to give that spicy touch. Ingredients: Tomato, garlic, onion, "piquillo" peppers, chilli flesh, olive oil and salt. Jar B - 250