Bonito del Norte (Cantabrian tuna)


"BONITO DEL NORTE" (CANTABRIAN TUNA) Chisco's "Bonito del Norte" is, without doubt, the whitest, tastiest, smoothest and finest on the market. Our tuna meets the highest requirements and traditional qualities.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the fish is rod-fished and bottled in vegetable oil. This makes it a succulent, natural product.

"A GASTRONOMIC DELIGHT" /100 gr.421.16.




Bonito del Norte (Cantabrian tuna)


1 jar of tuna

1 can of peppers

Olive oil


Remove the peppers from the can and plac

e them on a plate, season with salt and add a little olive oil (Chisco) to each pepper.

Once the peppers are prepared, flake the tuna and place it on top of the peppers and it is ready to serve.