HAND-PEELED NAVARRE ASPARAGUS: In the area of Navarre known as la Ribera, our asparagus are an example of quality, due to their smoothness and flavour.

The fact that they are hand-peeled and their traditional production are obvious in their shape. All of this means that their consumption is a true pleasure. The asparagus has the lowest calorie value in the food table.

It contains a large quantity of vegetable fibre and is notable for its diuretic, depurative and relaxing qualities. Kcal/100 gr. 18.6They can be enjoyed in various ways (hot or cold, in natural juice, in omelettes… or in various sauces or creams (vinaigrette, mayonnaise, béchamel…).





Asparagus stuffed with cured or boiled ham and cheese:


1 can of asparagus 9 - 12

1 kilo 6 slices of boiled or cured ham

6 slices of cheese

1 egg Salt Flour

Take the asparagus from the can and slice down the middle.

Fill the asparagus with the ham and cheese.

Coat them in batter. Serve warm or au gratin.