FABRICADOS CHISCO, S.L., is a traditional food preserve company. It is located in the best "piquillo" pepper, asparagus and vegetable producing area. FABRICADOS CHISCO, S.L., is proud to offer vegetable preserves from the best area in the world.

"Piquillo" peppers roasted in a wood-fired oven, hand peeled asparagus, artichokes, mixed vegetables, Cantabrian sea tuna, Rioja and Navarre wines, mushrooms, partridges…All products are natural and of exceptional quality.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, we are associated with the prestigious LABORATORIO DEL EBRO, C.T.N.C.V.

Our products are designed to satisfy the most demanding palate and are produced with the love and dedication of a family that has been working for generations to improve its products, always bearing in mind its customers' tastes.