Pulses are a highly concentrated foodstuff, due to their high dry material content. Their importance becomes clear when they are compared with other basic food types. Chemical analysis reveals that they are extremely protein rich. Proteins are mainly used in the formation and repair of bodily tissues and also provide energy in crisis situations.

As well as proteins, pulses also provide a large quantity of mineral salts, calcium, iron and vitamins. They are also rich in fibre, which is lacking in modern diets. For all of these reasons, Chisco produces the tenderest of pulses, to be enjoyed by the most demanding of tastes.


This pulse is selected by Chisco because of its high quality. One only has to try them to understand this. Chisco's "pochas de Navarra" are a type of white butter bean, which is characterised by its tenderness and flavour.

Chisco accompanies its natural beans with vegetables which are freshly picked in the most fertile region of Navarre, with no additives or preservatives, so as to maintain all natural properties. Ingredients: Pochas (beans), fresh garlic, tomato, "piquillo" peppers, water and salt.

Note: beans improve glucose levels in diabetics.


This pulse is black in colour when fresh and brownish when cooked. Chisco prepares these beans without preservatives or colouring so as to highlight the fineness and flavour which set them apart from other beans. Ingredients: Tolosa beans, water and salt. Note: beans improve glucose levels in diabetics.


This pulse is very common in a range of dishes within our gastronomy. For this reason, Chisco selects large chickpeas, which have a very special taste. Chisco prepares the chickpeas without additives and accompanies them with fresh, natural green vegetables (depending on the season). Ingredients: Chickpeas, fresh natural vegetables, water and salt. Note: chickpeas are beneficial for duodenal and peptic ulcers. They reduce stomach acidity and also contain large quantities of mineral salts and group B vitamins.