Mushrooms and wils mushrooms


Mushrooms and fungi are one of the most highly valued delicacies from a culinary point of view. Chisco cans them in natural juice or in olive oil after a thorough picking and selection process in pine, ash and oak woods during the Autumn months, so that this delicious delicacy can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Wild mushrooms are rich in carbohydrates, mineral salts and albuminoids.

They contain more proteins than vegetables and their fat content is very low. They contain a large quantity of vitamins, including: A, B1, B2, C, D and K.



Boletus edilus (white mushroom)

The boletus Edilus is an aristocrat among mushrooms. It is the king of mushrooms during the picking season.

It is characterised by its sweet taste, which is reminiscent of hazelnuts, and its brownish colour and white flesh.

This mushroom can be prepared in a great many ways, as can be seen in culinary literature, (sautéed, scrambled with eggsor as an accompaniment to all kinds of meat and fish dishes…)...



Lactarius Deliciosus (milk-cap)

This mushroom is picked during the autumn months in conifer woods. It is characterised by its hard, compact flesh and its yellowish-white colour in the centre and carrot colour at the edges and its pleasant aroma and slightly bitter taste.

It is good when young. However, if the mushroom is mature, it can lose quality. It is highly valued in Catalonia. They may be eaten unaccompanied, scrambled with eggs or in a typical dish, "Rovellon con patatas" (milk-cap with potatoes).



Agrocibe Eegerita (Poplar mushroom)

This is one of the most sought after mushrooms due to its whitish flesh, flavour and pleasant smell of cheese.

It can be prepared in many different ways, scrambled with eggs, as an accompaniment to meat dishes or simply taken from the jar and fried with garlic and chilli.






Pleurotus Ostreatus (Thistle mushroom)

This mushroom is one of the most sought after mushrooms for pickers. It makes a fine foodstuff.

It is characterised by its whitish flesh. It is not a hygrophyte and is solid and thick and has a persistent pleasant aroma and sweet taste.

It can be found in any kind of dish for instance, as an accompaniment for meat and fish dishes, scrambled with eggs and prawns, etc.






Boletos edilus (Navarre mushrooms)
Hake with boletus


· 1 hake

· 2 jars of Boletus in olive oil (Chisco)

· Salt and pepper


· Wash the hake, season with salt and pepper then place it in a casserole dish.





Mushrooms and wils mushrooms
Shaken of mushrooms and fungi

Ingredients for four rations:

· a pair of boats of mushrooms (rovellon, mushroom of thistle, mushroom of chopo or fungus)

· 4 spoonfuls of olive oil

· 4 teeth of mountain garlic

· jamón cut · perejil


Garlic sour and they are put to gild with virgin olive oil (Chisco) in a frying pan. When almost they are gilded lie down the mushrooms, the perforated perejil and jamón. Everything is put to cook and when more or less it is cooked they add eggs to him and removing them with a possesor they are left until it materializes.