Fresh natural green vegetables


Chisco's green vegetables are grown in the most fertile areas of Navarre's Ribera region. They are fresh, tender and full of flavour. They are the basis of a healthy, balanced diet. These products are renowned among the most demanding connoisseurs.

There is a wide range of produce. Due to the traditional production process, they offer a truly natural flavour and preserve all of the vitamins and natural properties of freshly picked vegetables.


The artichokes are grown in Navarre's Ribera region. Chisco selects the tenderest florets. After a production process, which removes the surface leaves, and thorough quality control, the artichoke hearts are canned in natural juice for your enjoyment.

Artichokes have very high mineral content. This content is unequalled by any other vegetable. They are extremely rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. Thanks to their composition, artichokes have important qualities in the prevention and cure of diseases such as sclerosis. Artichokes are recommended for people who suffer from complaints connected with the digestive system, kidneys or liver


Red, smooth, juicy, simply peeled and sterilised, at Chisco we can freshly picked tomatoes of the highest quality. They are thus made available to the most demanding of cooks and are ready to season the widest variety of dishes. Qualities: tomatoes are recommended for thinning blood, urea, kidney stones, gout, etc. Tomatoes are an indispensable ingredient in any kitchen.


This exotic fruit, which has become so popular in our times and enters our homes as an exquisite dessert or a tasty drink in summer, is canned at our factory. Prime quality peaches are selected and no additives are used so that their flavour can be enjoyed at any time.




Fresh natural green vegetables

Artichokes stuffed with bread and ham


Artichokes, Bread, Cured ham, Onion, Mustard, Flour and Oil.

Take from the can and drain.

Fry breadcrumb and finely chopped cured ham in a frying pan.

When the breadcrumb and ham are fried, stuff the artichokes and add a sauce made from finely chopped onion, mustard, flour and oil.