Navarra wines


From the point of view of quality and attention to detail in the production process, we can say that Navarre wines are historically at their best moment.

These wines are produced in accordance with the most painstaking traditional methods using the grape varieties found within the "Denominación de Origen Navarra" (Guarantee of origin).

The result is well-balanced, mature wines with a clean fruity bouquet and a slight hint of acidity, which makes them appropriate to accompany the widest variety of dishes.




Gobeia Rosé

· A young rosé, which comes from a highly selected harvest of "garnacha" grapes.

· 12.5 proof

· Strawberry colour with raspberry tones

· Clean and brilliant

· Fruity bouquet, light and fresh

· Rhine bottle

· To be consumed young

Gobeia red

· Produced from a highly selected harvest with "Tempranillo" (40%), "Garnacha" (40%) and "Mazuelo" (20%) grapes.

· 12.5 proof · Bigarreau cherry in colour, with red edges.

· Intense bouquet with well-balanced blend of fruits and oak.

· Elegant in the mouth, full and long.

· Bordelaise bottle

· For mid-term consumption.


Rioja wines

Most Rioja wines are based on the harmonious blending of the grape varieties grown within the Denominación de Origen and the different sub-zones which form part of the area.

These are fresh, medium-bodied wines which possess an excellent, well-formed bouquet and well-balanced composition.

Rioja red wines: these are classic wines, vivid in colour, fresh with a penetrating bouquet, light on the palate and medium strength. The "tempranillo" grape predominates. Rioja wines can be categorised in accordance with their ageing process:


These are wines that, in their first or second year, conserve their primary fresh, fruity characteristics.


Only the most careful selection of vines and painstaking monitoring of ripening make this great wine possible. This is a young red wine that comes from a very select harvest. It is made from "Tempranillo" (80%) and "Garnacha" (20%) grapes. Brilliant ruby red colour. Light, fruity bouquet. It is fresh, fruity, flavoursome and persistent on the palate. 12 % proof. "CRIANZA" (AGED) WINES These are wines which, at three years, have spent at least one year in an oak barrel and some months in a bottle.


This wine is produced from a very select harvest. It is made from "Tempranillo" (80%) and "Mazuelo" (20%) grapes. It is aged 14 months in American oak barrels. Brilliant deep red colour with golden purple highlights. Intense bouquet, a good balance of fruit and oak. Elegant in the mouth, fleshy, flavoursome and well rounded. 12º proof


These are wines which are selected from the best years and which, due to their fine qualities, have been aged for three years, at least one of which is in oak barrels.


Only the most careful selection of our wines from this harvest gives rise to a red wine like Chisco Reserve. It is produced from a very select harvest. It is made from "Tempranillo" (65%), "Graciano" (10%) and "Mazuelo" (25%) grapes. Aged 18 months in American oak barrels and then in bottles.

Ruby colour, slightly purple with golden sparkles acquired during its long repose in oak. Elegant and complex bouquet given by the oak. Flavoursome, smooth and light on the palate. Very well structured.


" Fine Rioja wine "